Nowadays we live in the digital era where everything is connected by the use of an internet connection. The increase in the users of the internet is rise every day. If we can compare this, it is like we live in two different worlds. We live in the real world while the other we live in illusion. For the first one, we live in a real-world that we can communicate and interact with so many people physically and obviously. While the second one, we live in a world of illusion, we communicate and interact with so many people through the use of the internet in society. The world of the internet is involved such as social media, databases, electronic mail, etc.

It is not an easy thing to arrange and manage the internet in every part of the world which also include advanced country. The technique is more appropriate if it is use decentralization rather than centralization. The reason why it is more appropriate with decentralization is that the internet is used in every part of institutions no matter where it is. Of course, there are so many problems. Which closely related to the internet and need to be discussed in Persian IGF Forum.

Some people have the assumption that the internet can take control of a national basis. It is because the internet has the role of the provider in unlimited power that can affect so many boundaries and sectors. As a result, internet governance is crucial to manage and to balance the usage of the internet for good advantages.

Aim of Persian IGF

The aim of Persian IGF is not to control the users of the internet between Persian-speaking communities. This forum is hoped to involve in making public policy that can make a balance of the power of the internet and their effects that specifically in domestic use. These are some policies made by the government that considers so many factors. Factors like intellectual rights, freedom to express, cyber-security, etc.

Advantages of IGF
Advantages of IGF

Persian IGF has aims to gain more control of the negative advantages of Persian-speaking communities and to balance the usage of the internet. While in this process, the experts of internet governance help to support the Persian Speaking Community. This forum has a role as a foundation to build the connection between Persian speaking communities and with the other people in the world.

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The advantages are explicit enough to see in the Persian IGF. This forum involves the raise of awareness that discuss the appearance of internet governance policy. Increase and develop the new correlation brand with the other stakeholders. Therefore, Persian IGF can assist and increasing the capability of each member.

The process debate of this forum includes significant and some multi-stakeholders experts. They have their roles, which are different from each other. Persian IGF is beneficial due to the crucial blooming and the growth of the internet policies. That are not good for Iran itself but also for the other countries that belong to Persian. As a result, the internet will give more positive advantages. If they are supported by the better and the right policies that made.

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