Welcome to the world of advanced technology where the internet has become the main place to send out messages, opinions, buying and selling products. Amongst a lot of other things related to our everyday activities.  Internet coverage has also expanded to include various fields such as politics, mass communication, engineering, psychology, arts and also culture.

When these two terms are combined

An internet culture can be interpreted as the study of social events related to the internet and other forms of online communications. Such as social media networking, online group communities, online entertainments, as well as the use of electronics and mobile internet applications.

The Cultural Point of View in the Persian IGF
The Cultural Point of View in the Persian IGF

The internet culture also known as Cyberculture covers significant issues related to identity, privacy as well as network programming.  Therefore, Cyberculture concerns the relationship between people and the internet carried out in cyberspace.  For this reason, the creation of the Internet Governance Forum or IGF is a must in an effort to create a safe internet usage. As well as a safe place to explore the world for all users globally.

One of the Persian-speaking communities in Iran that are members of the IGF is the Persian IGF. Which invites important figures in the internet governance system not only in their own country, but also involving international experts.

As you might know

Iran decides to start a “national internet” which is monitored by the state and limits or filters websites that are not in accordance with its culture, religion and other norms neglecting the rights of others to socialize over the internet.

Therefore, the main goal of the Persian IGF is to neutralize the use of the internet. So that it does not have to mean a government that controls the country.  To do so, the Persian IGF not only involves the government in their internet governance system. But also involves other experts of different backgrounds, such as the technical community, academics, scientists, etc., to be involved in public discussions.

From a cultural perspective, the main advantage of the Persian IGF is for the Persian-speaking community. To be able to communicate and interact with so many people through the use of the internet in the society.  Therefore, the Persian IGF aims to gain more control over the negative impacts of the previous internet usage. To balance the control and power to use the internet wisely within the Persian-speaking community.

The Cultural Point of View in the Persian IGF
The Cultural Point of View in the Persian IGF

While in the process

the internet governance experts help support the Persian-speaking community as the foundation for building cyber cultural relationships with the outside world.

The advantages of these cyber cultural relationships are seen through the Persian IGF.  They include:

  • To raise awareness about emerging internet governance policies in the best way possible.
  • To improve and develop new interrelationships with other stakeholders.
  • To assist and improve the capabilities of each member.

Therefore, the internet emphasized identity, the development of online societies and the discovery of new ways of communicating and sharing through cultural phenomena.

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