As we live in the modern world of the digital era, internet governance has become a major and huge issue nowadays. This issue is even discussed by almost all countries in the world. The discussion of this issue is very important as we need the internet in our life.

Admit it or not, we need the internet to do almost every single thing in our life. Starting from daily activities to business activities. It starts to become as if we cannot live a second without the internet. This is where the Persian IGF or the Internet Governance Forum steps in. The forum exists to discuss internet governance by involving multi-stakeholders especially from Persian-speaking countries which, of course, includes Iran.

For those who are not familiar yet, internet governance is a kind of approach or development or improvement of internet management done by the state and also other stakeholders from different backgrounds These multi-stakeholders are not only discussing the current internet issues but also sharing information, making decisions, lighting up the ideas to make internet policies.

Contribution of the Persian IGF

Then, what is the contribution of the Persian IGF? Aside from functioning as a place to discuss internet issues around the world, this forum also exists to balance the power of the internet. The thing is, one of the Persian-speaking countries such as Iran has been actively controlling internet use within the country. Iran does that by filtering offensive and inappropriate sites that will later cause conflicts within the country.

Contribution of the Persian IGF
Contribution of the Persian IGF

Different from Iran, the Persian Internet Governance Forum or IGF wants to take different steps in balancing internet use. This forum does not want to just control and filter internet use. That is why discussion with influenced stakeholders is important so that a more suitable approach can be made.

Although, the Persian IGF does not contribute directly to the internet policymaking. Instead, this forum contributes by filling in what kind of things should be put in the internet policy to the people who will later consider and made the final decision of the internet policies.

It may sound that the forum does not do anything at all. However, that little action has a big impact as other Persian-speaking countries will use different approaches to make internet policies.

It is not without a reason, of course. The impact of the Persian Internet Governance Forum or IGF is so big. Because the meeting of the forum is not only discussing how they can minimize the damage of the internet use, especially for the state. But the forum also has a general impact towards the society and economic growth. Therefore, the internet can be considered as a way to build a better world.

Continuing, in the Internet Governance Forum or the Persian IGF, the issues which are talked about are not only issues that are related to the digital era. In fact, the forum also discusses the information society, information technology, and also communication. By combining all of those aspects inside the discussion, the forum will be able to see the real problem and decide the effective solution to solve the issue.


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