As we know, we are now living in a modern era where everything is digital and the internet governance forum has become a major issue these days. The use of the internet becomes the major issue many countries face. We need the internet in everything we do in our lives from business to daily routines. It seems that we cannot live without the internet. The forum is not used to create internet things but to make policies to restrict offensive information that can cause conflicts in the future, especially in Persian-speaking countries. As we know, those countries have faced some conflict issues for years ago.

Seeing this phenomenon, Persian IGF (Internet Governance Forum) is stepping in. The purpose of the forum is to deliberate internet governance by encompassing multi-stakeholders from Persian speaking countries specifically. The forum consists of multi-stakeholders and governance.

The Contributions of Persian IGF You Probably Unrecognized
The Contributions of Persian IGF You Probably Unrecognized

What does IGF really mean?

For those who don’t understand what that means, IGF or Internet Governance Forum is a type of approach of internet management done by the governance or state along with stakeholders from various backgrounds. These stakeholders then will not only deliberate current internet issues. But also share useful information, making important decisions, and finding ideas to create internet policies.

Kinds of contributions to achieve

Aside from being a place to deliberate current internet issues, the forum is also used to balance the internet’s power. For example, some Persian-speaking countries with endless conflicts like Iran must control the internet to reduce conflicts in the country. Without control, there will be potential conflicts appear. Thus, it is important to filter inappropriate and offensive sites.

Besides, the Persian Internet Governance Forum is also trying to take some different phases to balance the use of the internet. The forum is not only used to control and filter the use of the internet. But also to discuss the management or approach. That’s why deliberating with multiple stakeholders is needed to create an appropriate approach.

In a nutshell, the Persian IGF doesn’t directly contribute to the policy-making of the internet. Instead, this internet forum making its contribution by filling kinds of things that should be put in the internet policy as well as making the final decision of the internet policies. It may sound that the forum is somewhat useless. However, a little action will have a big impact as the approaches to create internet policies will be used by Persian-speaking countries widely.

The Contributions of Persian IGF You Probably Unrecognized
The Contributions of Persian IGF You Probably Unrecognized

What are the impacts of IGF on internet policies?

The impacts of IGF (Internet Governance Forum) are somewhat big. Since the forum isn’t only deliberating how to minimize the damages caused by the internet for the country. But also have beneficial impacts towards the economic growths and society. Hence, the internet can be considered as a way to develop a better world.

The Internet Governance Forum is not only deliberating about internet issues but also discussing kiu kiu online communication, information technology, and information society.

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