The internet has indeed become a part of everyday life for everyone. All matters are always related to the internet, whether done privately by individuals, commercial by groups or private parties, to certain interests carried out by the government. Because of that, everything can be easily found on the internet. Starting from the information of a news story, certain articles, products of goods traded. Gossip from celebrities or influential people, movements about the economy, to the activities and policies of the government.

With events that occur like that, the internet has become a free place where anything can be found very easily and without limits. Of course this will have a negative impact on the future. Although there are also positive impacts that can be taken from it as well. However, to prevent these unwanted negative impacts, there should be a fence to manage the internet to be healthy for its users.

The unity of countries has now taken action to realize this, namely by creating an inter-state forum called the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). This forum was created and is intended to unite every person. Who is a representative of various countries who have interests and policies on the internet in the form of discussions. That discuss issues concerning policies related to the internet.

Forums and Discussions

Although in the form of forums and discussions, there is no final outcome at the end of this discussion. The activities carried out in this forum are only discussions, exchanging information, and sharing good practices between one group and other groups that are representatives or delegates in the forum which is held once a year. The existence of the main IGF secretariat itself is in Switzerland.

IGF Persian Discussion
IGF Persian Discussion

One form of this discussion is Persian IGF. The IGF Persian Discussion was held in 2014 and showed positive results and was successful and smooth. In the Persian IGF discussion, it was an attempt to create a discourse from efforts to bring about changes in the use of the internet so that it was more directed to contribute and have a better effect.

IGF Persian has also been recognized by other IGF institutions such as European IGF, Asia Pacific IGF, African IGF, and other regional IGF regions. Thus, when the IGF Persian was implemented. The platform involved in the discussion was only stakeholders who spoke Persian at the time. In the discussion of the forum too, it had a big and quite major impact. Because it built and developed new connections with local internet governance stakeholders or globally with others, especially for stakeholders in Persian only, an example of which is Iran.

Due to the development conditions of the Persian community that are not yet like other global societies. It is expected that the IGF Persian discussion forum will become a basic foundation for the community and stakeholders.  Who create policies to become more open groups and the next generation is also expected to have a sense and openness towards others. That way, the current economic growth will also get a good impact going forward.

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