Very closely related to the internet, a group of experts from various backgrounds started a global platform (Internet Governance Forum or IGF) to discuss public policy issues related to the internet since 2006 under the United Nations.  Therefore, the IGF Persian was formed later on as one of Iran’s Persian-speaking countries. Which saw many positive impacts from all industry backgrounds, including the business industry.

The Contribution of the Business Stakeholders in the Persian IGF
The Contribution of the Business Stakeholders in the Persian IGF

In terms of the IGF itself

in general, the governance requires a multi-stakeholder collaboration, mainly in the field of academics, businesses, programmers, and the government.  An annual routine of the IGF is to hold meetings on the latest issues of the internet and technology.  At the country level, in Iran for instance, especially the Persian-speaking community. The Persian IGF is also involving business stakeholders. Both in the public and private sector, or individuals and groups from various fields.  The goal is to help make changes in regards to the use of the internet. So that it is more focused on contributing and having a positive impact for the community.  Thus, these contributions from the Persian-speaking business stakeholders include:

  • Creating a solution to bring various stakeholders together to answer the challenges of the digital economy.
  • The business stakeholders’ approach in the Persian IGF is to reach out to the community and groups of people by providing decisions and recommendations for relevant institutions.
  • Involved in making public policies that will have positive influences through the power of the internet, especially for domestic purposes. Together with the government, the policies are made by considering many factors.  Those factors include freedom of expression, intellectual rights, cybercrime or cyber security, etc.
  • The business stakeholders and other experts involved in the internet governance help support the Persian-speaking community. Thus, the Persian IGF also has the role of being the main principle to build relationships. Relationships between the Persian-speaking community and with other ethnic groups in the world.
  • Another significant factor in the contribution of the business stakeholders at the Persian IGF is to filter offensive and inappropriate websites on the internet which can trigger conflict. Although Iran has been actively controlling the use of their internet by limiting access to specific websites. During one of the discussions at the Persian IGF, is to work on creating an effort to make changes in their internet use to make it more directed, instead of limiting them.
The Contribution of the Business Stakeholders in the Persian IGF
The Contribution of the Business Stakeholders in the Persian IGF


the internet can be considered as one of the ways to build a better world in peace through a good governance system.  The IGF discusses significant problems about the internet, especially on the issues of information technology, communication, and all things related.  By combining all aspects through discussion and sharing information. The forum will be able to see the real problem and decide on an effective solution to solve the problem in the real world and the cyber world.

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