These days, we are living in a digital era where everything can be found on the internet. No wonder that internet users around the globe keep increasing. It seems that we are living in two different worlds at the same time. We can communicate and interact with others either in real life or through social media connected to the internet.

It is not easy to manage and arrange the internet in society. There are so many issues found that related to the internet. The issues need to be deliberated to find a way. Some people say that internet someday will be able to take over a national basis. That’s all because the internet doesn’t have any limitations nor boundaries. If ignored, it can affect too many sectors. Therefore, the Internet Governance Forum is important to balance and manage internet usage for good.

What Persian IGF Does To The Society?
What Persian IGF Does To The Society?

The connection of IGF to the society

So, what’s the connection to society? Well, Persian IGF doesn’t control internet users especially those who live in Persian-speaking countries. The forum is expected to involve in public policy-making to balance or restrict internet power. Some policies that are made by the government consider some factors like cyber-security, expression freedom, intellectual rights, etc.

Persian Internet Governance Forum aims to control the negative benefits to balance internet usage in society. During the process, the government gives support to society. The forum plays an important role to build a strong connection between Persian-speaking countries like Iran with people around the globe.

How does Persian IGF work?

The forum has been working massively in filtering some inappropriate and offensive content and sites. The filtered sites were considered dangerous in terms of sexual, cultural, political, and social. The blockage of those sites is for the sake of preventing chaos. Nonetheless, the forum doesn’t have the authority to influence a country’s internet policies as it already has its own method.

The objective of Persian IGF is to minimize and control the negative impacts of the internet on Persian-speaking societies. The forum acts as a base or foundation to create a strong relationship between Persian societies and others. The forum is expected to increase awareness of internet issues. The issues possibly occur in Persian-speaking societies that include Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

What Persian IGF Does To The Society?
What Persian IGF Does To The Society?

The advantages to achieve

It is not difficult to notice the advantages of the forum when it is done very well. It will increase the awareness of the internet governance policies as well as improving connection among multi-stakeholders. As we know, the internet governance forum involves important stakeholders and experts who actually represent their own roles in society. After the forum is considered as a significant time to do so. There will be some important developments and growth in internet use policies. Those policies don’t only give benefits to the country but also society.

The existence of Persian IGF is hoped to bring goodness to society. Also check detail you need to know about persian IGF here.

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