IGF or commonly called as Internet Governance Forum is a platform that has a function to invite people from various backgrounds to engage in a discussion about the public policy problems that closely related to the internet. IGF version of globally has been proved that it is working in gaining some goals that include globally. Due to the success of so many countries that held IGF, there are so many countries that also begins to consider about IGF. And this is the reason why Persian IGF also held.

As we know that there are so many positive benefits and negative benefits from the internet. And sometimes the internet also gives us a chance to make a better life. These, Persian IGF and the other IGF are having aims to discuss the negative benefits and how to maximize the potential positive benefits for the better result.

At first, the word ‘governance’ is to make everyone confused with this. They stated that this word has a meaning like the government is controlling the state. There are so many mistaken interpretations about this word. Which made people forget about the real meaning of ‘internet governance’. The IGF is not only discussing the internet that controlled by the government. But it also involves the other backgrounds, like technical communities, academics, scientists, experts, etc. By inviting some stakeholders from various backgrounds to engage in a public discussion. It is hoped that a better solution can be achieved.

Internet Governance Forum
Internet Governance Forum

IGF Forum

There are some kinds of factors that included in each IGF Forum, the one that involves and held by the Persian-Speaking Communities. They have the role of, communication system, information society, and information technology. It is really important to involve them for a better discussion. As a result, the term of governance is not only limited in connection and wire. But also included in so many complex factors that need to discuss more. This is the reason why understanding the Persian IGF concept is crucial. It can ease better internet policies that have so many benefits for all of the people included the person has a different background.

In spite of Persian IGF only engage Persian-Speaking countries, International laws also involved as crucial factors. It goes the same with the other IGF different countries, Persian IGF also included multi-stakeholders from so many various backgrounds like the country itself. They have the authority in making public policy that closely related to the internet matter. Whether it is globally or locally. In here, some stakeholders come privately and wants to engage in providing information that closely related to internet usage in the aspects of economic and technical point of view.  Read also impact of https://persianigf.org/finding-impacts-persian-igf/

While civil society has a role to represent and to provide the information related to the usage of the internet in general society. There are other stakeholders that involve in this Persian IGF forum. Such as international organizations and intergovernmental organizations. They have the role of helping to coordinate the internet problems which include in the wide scales.

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