Internet governance has become one of the major issues being discussed in many countries. The role of internet in our life cannot be denied. It has significant role to many sectors even for social and economic growth. Persian IGF is one of forum discussing internet governance involving multi-stakeholders especially Persian-speaking countries such as Iran, Tajikistan, etc. Internet governance is a development or approach of internet management by involving the state, as well as other stakeholders from different but important background.

There are many things they can do while discussing current and major issues related to internet use and growth such as sharing information, helping to take decision, as well as lighting up the ideas to make better internet policies.

Persian IGF Contribution
Persian IGF Contribution

Persian IGF exists to balance the power of internet within the state. Persian –speaking country like Iran has taken some actions to control internet use by filtering offensive sites which are considered to be potentially disturbs national security. Unlike the state, Persian IGF attempt to take different approach rather than just controlling and filtering.

They discuss important issue with other influenced stakeholders so that more effective approach can be made to make internet use result in more positive ways for the users as well as for the state.

The annual meeting through Persian IGF doesn’t contribute directly to the policy-making. However, it does contributes to fill in important things to consider by those who have power in making decision to make better policies related to internet governance. The contribution sounds not so big but it has big impact indeed. Without Persian IGF, Persian-speaking countries may take different approach in making internet policies ineffectively.

That is because the meeting and discussion Persian IGF is not only talking about how to minimize damage caused by unlimited internet power to the state but also the impact in general include to society and economic growth. Thus, internet has big contribution to build better world.

Persian IGF Contribution
Persian IGF Contribution

In Internet Governance Forum, internet issue is not only about every digital-related things but also the information society as well as information technology and communication. All those aspects cannot be separated from each other because it will only cause in missing important point.

By including all those aspect in discussion, the real problem can be found and the most effective solution can be made. Therefore, it can be concluded that Persian IGF contribution has significant impact to social and economic growth especially for Persian –speaking countries.

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