Almost every human being no matter what age are can have access to the Internet. As an important part of globalization, the Internet connects people from all over the world. The access to information is possible to be done worldwide because of the Internet. From social media, electronic mail to large scale database everything now is easier than before thanks to the Internet. The Internet is like another world, another country.

Like a country that has its government to rule and create regulation so the country stays in good order, the Internet needs a ruler or a manager to make sure it is been used in the proper way to support the real-world with its civilization. The Internet seems to be full of freedom yet uncertain. This issue is what initiates the idea of governance of the Internet. In this reading, we will discuss one specific internet governance system which is Persian IGF.

Multi-stakeholders Internet governance

Multi-stakeholders are needed since the Internet is such an unlimited world to control. The government will act as the main stakeholder and it is supported by other stakeholders. This is done because the forum needs equal support from both sectors, civil sectors, and the private sector. The forum is continued and now many countries, including the Republic of Iran also holding it. That is the reason for the existence of Persian IGF The purpose of its birth is to follow how other countries have succeeded in internet governance.

Persian Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

Based on its huge interest in internet governance Iran has been involved in internet governance since years ago. WSIS forum that occurred in Geneva marked the involvement of Iran in the world of internet governance. What motivates Iran to have its Internet governance is the fact that it has a strong critic for the power of the internet globally and how the International system has already developed internet governance.

Persian Internet Governance Forum
Persian Internet Governance Forum

The purpose of Persian IGF is rather than to control how users are using the internet, it focuses on how to build and develop a healthy internet. People are crossing boundaries and taken someone else’ right with no sense of responsibility as they misuse the internet. Persian IGF has several main purposes which are to legitimize, empower and maintain its work in controlling and monitoring internet access. The governance has shown the effort in filtering online content and investing in new infrastructure and technology used for the surveillance on a big scale.

Persian IGF has been working on filtering content massively, by restricting access to number sites on Alexa, filtering keyword, DNS mode for hijacking as well as throttle connection. The sites mentioned are considered inappropriate and even dangerous in terms of political, cultural and sexual. The action of blocking those sites are for the sake of avoiding huge conflict.

However, Persian IGF does not have the authority to influence internet policy developed by Iran. Since Iran has already developed its own system not attached to Persian IGF. Persian IGF exists to balance the internet governance internet in Iran developed by the state.

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