to control and manage the internet is not an easy job to do. To control which involving different parties and situations there will be needed a decentralized approach rather than centralization. The Internet brings many issues that should be discussed in the internet governance forum. The scary thing is to think that it is possible that the internet may control national principles. As it has no boundaries and unlimited power. To see the importance of internet governance, you should see it as a means to balance the management of the internet in a state or country for the good of everybody.

Persian IGF is not there for controlling the users in Persian-speaking communities. It is present as the hope of contributing to policy-making to achieve balance. factors like intellectual rights, cyber-security, freedom to express are considered in the making of policy related to internet use. Many countries are still not clear about the policy for the internet some even don’t have one. This is when the internet governance forum becomes important to make the internet a world with order and make sure nobody and no one is at a disadvantage.

What does Persian IGF offer?

Persian IGF objective to control and minimize the negative effects of internet users in Persian-speaking communities. While helping to assist the Persian speaking community in the process and this done by the internet governance experts The forum itself acts as a foundation or a base to make the relationship between Persian speaking communities and others become stronger. In the end, the forum is expected to increase awareness of issues related to internet governance. The issues are considered to be possible to occur in Persian speaking communities which include Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Iran itself.

Persian-speaking communities
Persian-speaking communities

It is easy to notice the advantage when the forum is done well. First, it will increase the awareness of the birth of the internet governance policies. The second, Persian IGF will create and improve the relation among the stakeholders. The third advantage is that this forum will enhance the ability of all members.

Persian internet governance forum involving experts and important stakeholders who represent various roles in society. What makes the forum is even more significant is that after the forum. There will be important growth and development in the policies of internet use. These policies are not giving benefits only for the country but also for the people included in the Persian speaking community.

The existence of the forum will result in policies that will bring goodness to everyone. So as internet users we should be grateful since the internet without internet governance policies is like a world without law and regulation. Negative and awful things will happen. Internet policies will protect internet users without limiting their freedom to express themselves. Imagine a world without limit and regulation. Even when we do good things, still, bad things still out there and can harm us. We surely don’t want that to happen right?

With the forum, we can now feel a little bit safer, but we still have to be careful since bad things will always find their way.

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