Have you ever heard of a global internet emergency?  Why does this happen?  The respective authorities in the country that are connected to the internet network, are now globally aware of the dangers of leaking, or what they call a “nationalism data”.  As a result, some countries limit several websites that are likely to create major conflict in their country. Especially those related to political, cultural, pornographic content, etc.

Advantages of the Persian IGF for the Persian-Speaking Community
Advantages of the Persian IGF for the Persian-Speaking Community

For this reason

Iran prefers to filter specific sites that trigger conflicts or intense competition between countries by building. What was termed a “national internet”, which is also followed by India, Brazil, and also Germany.  The goal was to guarantee the security of the internet and all confidential data of each country.  However, unlike in Iran, which has been registered in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). Another Persian-speaking Iranian nation (the Persian IGF) was also involved. After hearing positive things about the forum and what they do to keep the internet governance system on the right track.

After embracing success and producing a positive impact at the last 2006 Iran IGF meeting, the Persian IGF tried to follow the same path in 2014. Without too limiting the involvement from stakeholders.  In other words, the Persian IGF engages other important stakeholders to make the best internet policy that benefits all its users.  Therefore, in the following years up to this day, there are several advantages that have been achieved in the IGF Persian such as:

  • To raise awareness about the emergence of the internet governance policies in the Persian-speaking communities. By this, the internet policy will protect internet users without limiting their freedom to express their opinions. Also without special restrictions and regulations in the process.
  • To improve the relationship between all Persian-speaking countries and their partners, especially in the larger technology sector. Because, by involving various important stakeholders will make all internet policies more effective.
  • To improve the abilities of all its members. Especially, for the Persian-speaking communities, the Persian IGF helps create a new generation in terms of its economic growth.
  • Not only that, the Persian IGF gives the capacity and facility of its members in various ways from ceme online training, ceme online workshops, ceme online seminars, and also fellowships. These practices are the best opportunities to exchange knowledge and ideas between all levels of the IGF members, especially at the national and regional level.
Advantages of the Persian IGF for the Persian-Speaking Community
Advantages of the Persian IGF for the Persian-Speaking Community

In the meantime

the presence of the Persian IGF will further neutralize the internet governance system in other Iranian countries.  By involving all significant stakeholders in the process, it will produce more successful and positive impacts than before.  Especially for the Persian speaking community, what they need is to involve their experts being equal with others.  It aims to filter out differences and knowledge, especially in cultural aspects, by making useful contributions.

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