Due to the rapid growth of the internet these days, the existence of the Internet Governance Forum is important. The forum can enhance as well as limiting the information we can obtain on the internet. As we know, there are lots of unreliable hoaxes that can ruin everything. The existence of Persian IGF in Persian-speaking countries has brought some positive impacts and results. The Persian IGF has tried so hard to change the use of the internet to give more good effects and contributions.

Similar to global IGF, the Persian IGF also has some objectives. As mentioned above, the forum is used to deliberate policies and issues related to internet governance in Persian-speaking countries. The countries have been getting involved to create a brand new hokijoss generation to solve some internet issues. In addition, all issues related to the internet also have some impacts on society, stability, and also economic growth.

Significant Impacts of Persian IGF We Should Understand
Significant Impacts of Persian IGF We Should Understand

Years ago, Persian-speaking countries took every decision of the internet policy without involving other essential stakeholders. In a nutshell, the policies were not as effective as was expected. Throughout the Persian IGF, the internet governance has been formed to help the policymakers taking the best decision. This internet forum also enhances the connection among Persian-speaking countries within broader high-tech sectors. Following are some impacts of internet governance forum especially in Persian-speaking countries


Another impact of Persian IGF is developing and building a brand new linkage with either global or local stakeholders of internet governance. This way, a more critical internet policy can be effectively made as the forum involves several significant aspects to consider. Since the forum brings positive impacts to the countries, the objective of Persian IGF has created economic growth and openness.

Reduce conflicts potential

As we know, it’s difficult to make effective internet governance particularly when the world is always changing. Internet power also enhances us to increase a huge impact in our life. If internet governance is done appropriately, it can remain a good tool for economic and social development. Internet is such an effective tool used by millions of people around the world. Needless to say, these activities have also created financial transactions that lead to economic growth.

Significant Impacts of Persian IGF We Should Understand
Significant Impacts of Persian IGF We Should Understand

Economic growth

The internet also has brought all of us to global marketplaces. When the government regulates the internet, they do this on purpose. Regulating and controlling the internet will enable us to filter which information that must be taken wisely.

Preventing future chaos

Internet Governance Forum plays an essential role in making sure that the internet works as it supposed to be. Restricting offensive information is also helpful to prevent chaos in the future. This function works really well, especially in conflicting countries. Deleting some hoaxes can also prevent misconceptions and understanding what steps taken by the government to overcome some crucial internet issues.

The Internet Governance Forum brings all stakeholders together in Internet Governance discussion, they represent civil society, private sectors, and even governments that include the academic and technical community. Each component represent their ideas about internet issues along with how to solve the issues properly.

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